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Hey Girl! he​y!!!

I'm so glad you stopped by! Seriously. I'm SO passionate about helping women become more aware of their surroundings through things like...


- personal protection tools

- simple self-defense techniques

- learning to shoot a handgun {professionally, of course. Did I mention I'm an NRA handgun instructor and Refuse To Be a Victim instructor?}

I just LOVE seeing my besties gain confidence and peace of mind that comes with effectively mastering the simple techniques that I teach. It really does give me all the good feels knowing that YOU can protect yourself and your family from all the crazies out there. Sigh.

Let's be friends.

Why do i do what i do, you ask?

Pull up a chair, Honey...

Twenty+ years ago, I was a kid with the world in the palm of my hands. I had it all! But that all came crashing down when a complete stranger attacked me with a gun to my head and a dirty sock in my mouth. Sick-o. That was the first in a series of attacks throughout my life. Get to know me and I'll share the rest. After that first attack though, I spent years under an invisible cloak, not realizing I'd developed PTSD. The fact that you're still reading tells me you can probably relate in some way.

I hate that for you. Truly.

Sadly, most women don't come to me for help until after something traumatic has happened.

See What People Are Saying

If you've had

{or seen}

a traumatic experience,

do any of these sound familiar to you?

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*Flashbacks, nightmares, or extreme anxiety

* Difficulty maintaining close relationships

* Feeling detached from family and friends {emotionally numb}

* Memory problems

* Trouble concentrating

* Trying to avoid thinking or talking about the traumatic event

* Overwhelming guilt or shame

PS. I had all of these and more so you definitely aren't alone. In fact, 3 out of 4 women in the U.S. will become victim to a violent crime in their lifetime {FBI}. That's about 2.5 million per year. And, sexual assault victims are 5x more likely to be re victimized.  Ug! Let's go ahead and change that RIGHT NOW. Today.

Now for the GOOD stuff

{Eventually} I found ways to cure myself of PTSD, A.K.A. Head Trash. And let me stop you right there to say that in no way am I a therapist or counselor.  I'm just a girl who got fed up with the ten years of nightmares, distanced relationships, and don't even get me started on the massive tension headaches and anxiety. But, I did it. I overcame that head trash and you can too. I've developed a super simple system (that's a lot of S's) for moms and work-a-holics like me who don't have oodles of time to take a bunch of self-defense classes and read All. The. Books. In fact, I can guarantee you success in about a month by working with me for only five minutes a day :)

Now, this course is still in the 'get-it-into-the-computer' phase, sooooooooo, if you want to be a part of my super awesome and wonderful Beta Group, all you have to do is send me a quick message below that says "I WANT IN" Or you could write something cheesy like "this BETA work" or "im a GROUPie"

Message muah, and let's form your defensive plan!

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A huge thank you to you. Your {A Girl & A Gun} group is so welcoming and kind. Everyone is so willing to help and you do such an awesome job! You and your ladies have made my mom and I more confident in this whole

process and with guns!

Candace D.

Mama Bear to

two adorable cubs

I went to the Holster Happy Hour to learn about different carrying options, (I don't carry yet) but I had such a good time & met a lot of new friends too! So many cute options, & learning all the why's & why not's was super cool from an unbiased lady, that carries daily & shoots often in real life. Thanks for taking the fear out & inserting fearless in everything you do to keep women &

their children safe!

Kelly K.

Owner of

Kelly & King Photography

Wonderful {consultation and range instruction}. I'm so glad I did this and will be booking again for more training. Tania is highly trained and knowledgeable and she has a woman's perspective on self defense and shooting. You won't be able to learn in this way from your husband or boyfriend. Book now! You will love it!

Kare S.

Mama Bear,

FEARLESS cancer survivor

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